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How Much Do You Really Know About Wally Roundlaker?

In 2007, Mark and Kay Ulm (residents on Round Lake and then owners of Zaisers of Nisswa) decided to sell their store. In the process of this sale and transition a gnome emerged that was looking for a new home. Mark just could'nt quite part with this gnome, so he named him Wally Roundlaker and brought the gnome to our 2007 Round Lake Christmas party. We drew a number to see who would provide the first home for Wally, our new Round Lake gnome.

Chuck, our current Round Lake President, and Marie Jorgensen were the chosen couple. As luck would have it Chuck and Marie were Leaving on December 26th, 2007 for a three month motor home and fifth wheel caravan trip down the Baja penninsula of Mexico. Wally has quite a tale to tell about those three months. Marie and Chuck shared some of those wild escapades with the Nisswa Womens Club last year.

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