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Round Lake

Brainerd, Minnesota

White Pines for Round Lake

By Mark Ulm

Once again we have White Pines ordered that will be coming from Crow Wing Soil and Water and we will be picking them up on or about May 5th. Once again, Scott and Sue Fisher will be distributing them from Northeast Liquors where they will be kept fresh in the beer cooler. Make sure to thank them when you pick yours up. They are free to anyone that will plant them on their Round Lake Property. First come --first serve, until they are gone.

Thousands of White and Red Pines have been planted around the lake since we have started this program. As they grow and mature they will continue to improve the health and water quality of our lake for many years to come by removing the nutrients carried to the lake by runoff and septic tank/drain field discharge.

We will not be planting trees along the shore by Hwy 371 this year. We want to see what the survival rate has been on the 550 pines that we have planted there the last two years. For whatever reason, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has expressed some concern regarding the number of trees we planted along this stretch of road.

Thanks to everyone that has participated in this program. These are your dues put into action for lake improvement.

From left to right is Kathy Wernberg, Randy Kirt, Scott Fisher, Kevin Wernberg, Chuck Jorgensen, Bruce friesen, Bill Goers, Vicky Goers, Mark Ulm, Steve Carfrae, and Rick Besmehn.


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