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The documents below are:

1) TSI Data for Round Lake (Excel Document). There are 4 tabs: Data, Graphs, Monthly Trend and Mann-Kendall Trends. Data is the raw information collected and Graphs take the data to show changes. The Monthly Trend shows the changes of the TSI for the months of May through September. The Mann-Kendall Trends show yearly trends for Total Phosphorus, Chlorophyll-a and Secchi Depth.

2) Data Legend. This provides the meaning of the acronyms used in the column headers on the Data tab of the Excel table. 

3) Carlson Trophic Status Index. This provides and explanation of the term TSI and how it is applied.

4) 2020 Aquatic Vegetation Point-intercept Survey

5) Lake Summary for 2022

TSI Data
Data Legend
Carlson Trophic Status Index
2020 Aquatic Vegetation Point-intercept Survey
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